Thinking of joining the Fediverse

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This isn't news; I've been thinking about it for some time now. But I'm considering scrapping this pump instance and turning Awkwardly into a microblogging site with the capacity to reach outside the Pump.io universe, which feels more and more like it's only nominally federated, because it federates only with itself.

It's doubly frustrating staying on Pump because I set up this instance before the documentation was so explicit about setting up SSL before connecting to other servers. I've poisoned this domain and I'll never be able to connect to other Pump servers and have my site have https at the front of my URL.

It's a shame because I have a user on this site other than myself. Dropping this pump instance would mean @McClane would be left out in the cold.

I suppose the other option is to leave Awkwardly running as is in perpetuity, and find another domain for running a Pleroma or Misskey or (gads!) Mastodon instance. I like this domain name a lot but I suppose there are other clever domain names out there waiting to be used.

I wish I had the (mental) bandwidth to be able to contribute my time developing Pump to help get the version with ActivityPub support off the ground. I hate being "that guy" who complains about a platform's shortcomings without being willing to put the time in writing code. But there are just too many projects out there and too many already on my plate.

So please don't think of this as me complaining. I'm just airing my excuses to try to assuage the guilt I feel for even contemplating abandoning Pump and leaving Awkwardly user(s) out to dry.

McClane likes this.

Maybe you can setup other things in some subdomain like iam.awkwardly.social, very.awkwardly.social or something 😅

In any case, it's your time and effort, I'd imagine your users would understand.

JanKusanagi at 2021-09-22T23:27:54Z

you're the one doing all the work, it would be very understandable if you decide to shut down :)

those of us that are here could move, it's not the end of the world! thanks for maintaining the server for so long!

McClane at 2021-10-07T16:36:11Z